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Gofloorit Guide to comfy carpets


Loop pile carpet is durable and easy to maintain – ideal for busy homes when you’ve not got the time to be following children around with the hoover. Created by looping each strand of yarn back into the carpet, like a stitch in sewing & by varying the thickness of the yarn and the length of the loop, we can offer a large variety of styles and designs. If you’ve got pets we would suggest a twist pile might prove a better fit to avoid claws being caught and pulls in the carpet being made.

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Twist carpets are the most popular choice for your home and are very practical. They are made by twisting together the yarns of the same colour or tone to create a strong and sturdy structure and with many of the yarns used being pre-treated, the yarns are stain-resistant. It’s why many ranges of twist carpet are ideal for family homes with high traffic areas. We have a large range of colours and styles to suit so whatever your needs, we’ll have a carpet that’s just right for you.

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Stripe carpets can be a statement, focal point to a room or can uplift the entire space by filling it with an interesting, modern design. Most stripe carpets are made using wool so are all hard wearing and keep their structure and definition throughout it's life - they can be used for whole rooms or just on stairs and hallways to give an intriguing feature to your home. Available in so many different varieties and colours, there's always going to be a design that will suit your style and needs at the budget that you need.  

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Berbers are distinctive, attractive and versatile variety of carpet that adapts well to any room décor. They can be loop or cut pile carpets and typically have a rugged appearance and earth tone colour. Generally made from a wool blend, although cheaper man-made fibre versions can be found.

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An effect created by blending two or different coloured yarns together to create a patterned effect. Can be useful in hiding dirt or camouflaging wear and tear.

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Wool Rich Blends

The most popular yarn construction used today. The 80% is usually wool and the 20% usually a synthetic yarn added to either improve the characteristics of the wool or to bulk it out.

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For more information or to arrange for a representative to measure and give you a no obligation quote (available in local areas only), you can call us on 0800 852 1202 or visit a showroom