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What is Looselay and how do I fit it?

Looselay is a product that is designed to be laid without the need for adhesives. It can be laid in almost any situation and as there is no adhesive involved, it is easy to change a plank if any damage occurs.

If the looselay is being butted up against all the walls in a room and it is tightly fitted, there will be no need for adhesive and the flooring should not move.
If the flooring is running through two rooms or it is impractical to butt all of the edges of the flooring up to the walls, you can use pressure sensitive adhesive to help hold the flooring in place. You will need to roller the adhesive on around the edge of the room avoiding doorways, rather than using a trowel, to create a tackifier - this means that you will still be able to easily lift individual planks and the flooring will stay in place without moving when there is traffic through the room.